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    [Public; Storybook] Gone to War


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    [Public; Storybook] Gone to War

    Post  !R0X4S! on Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:40 pm

    "Gone to War"
    Advanced Roleplayers only! (2 years of roleplaying or more)

    Rated R

    You come home from a normal day,
    Or wake up,
    To thinking that you're going to enjoy your morning, afternoon, evening, night.
    Until you check the mail..
    In the mail, there's a letter for you.
    And in some, fancy-government written way, it's stating that either you go and fight for your country,
    Or you go to jail and lose everything you have.
    You leave within 2 days of reciving the notice.
    And, without a choice, you've gone to war.
    But the choices and perils ahead..
    Are you ready?


    It starts from when you reach the camps.

    You can be on one of two sides, or you can make two characters, one for each side. You can make up to four characters that are your main, and you can control sub characters (commanders, nearby soldiers that don't belong to people, etc.)

    Okay, the 2 sides shall be..




    *feels lame for choosing easy countries, but oh well* OKAY!


    Bio (right before the war):
    Primary & Secondary weapon:
    Japan or USA:

    "I cant...just look inside.
    But I figure...if there was something there- inside us-
    then we'd feel it,"

    "wouldn't we?"

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    Re: [Public; Storybook] Gone to War

    Post  Kassce on Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:50 am

    Name: Zackary Wilder ( aka Zack fer short )

    Gender: MALE

    Age: 21

    Personality: A fun loving laid back guy with a happy go lucky attitude

    Bio (right before the war): lived a life of a bachelor, had a good starting job living in a apartment in florida, had good friends, a normal life

    Appearance: Its sorta hard looking for random peoples pictures on the internets so Ill describe him, K? Brown hair , hazel eyes and a light brown stuble, messy hair,

    Primary & Secondary weapon: Sniper Rifle back up pistol, pocket knife

    Japan or USA: USA BBY!


    Name: Otonashi Aiyazawa

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Personality: A more serious than Zack but still a happy person

    Bio (right before the war): Lived in the popular Kyoto area, with a job as a tourist guide, was single and living the life. was about to get a new job or start his own company.

    Appearance: Dark black hair and brown eyes, a clean well kept face.

    Primary & Secondary weapon: Sniper Rifle A small pack up pistol , a generic hand gun, and one of those smaller katanas..

    Japan or USA: Japan bby!

    Other: YAY

    Name: Beatris Degrene ( Bea for short )

    Gender: Female

    Age: 42

    Personality: OLD. serious, serious, serious, OLD

    Bio (right before the war): had no children, but 3 cats, but she wasnt insane just very cold and mean

    Appearance: a light gray hair, usually has a cigarette in her mouth , faded dark eyes and WRINKLES

    Primary & Secondary weapon: Ak 47, Sniper Rifle, two small pistols,

    Japan or USA: USA BBY.

    Other: hurr hurr hurr

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